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Top five wine and food festivals in France

Foodies and wine lovers unite, and head off to France to discover the best wine and food festivals. You may find your favourite new dish!

Going on holiday means discovering new places, relaxing and, most importantly, eating and drinking! If you want to find the best food and drink on your holiday, a culinary festival is the place to go.

One of the best things about going to a local food festival is to meet the chefs and producers of the food. And of course, trying the local dishes that make the area so special. As you will be driving to the destinations, it means you can leave plenty of space in the boot to bring back all the delicious ingredients.

Toulouse à Table: The Last Bite of Summer in Toulouse

(September) Toulouse
Nine hours from Calais


In the famous city of Toulouse, you can visit the Toulouse à Table festival, and get stuck in to the cuisine of South-West France. Aside from the famous Toulouse dishes that weigh down the tables (cassoulets or Toulouse sausages) there are plenty more new and delicious treats to discover.

The festival is two weeks long, so you have plenty of time to pop in and feast on the best that Toulouse has to offer. If you're planning on visiting, check out what special events they have for when you're there. The events include a food truck night, food conferences and banquets, so there's something for every type of foodie.

The Fête du Ventre Festival

(October) Rouen
Two hours 10-minutes from Calais


Normandy is known for its cuisine; hearty delicious food that is comforting and elegantly simple. In the city or Rouen, they celebrate the dishes of Normandy over a weekend in October, as well as Norman history.

The city's streets are covered in market stalls, selling local produce of honey, oysters, apples and andouillette sausage and many more tasty treats. The vendors dress in traditional Normandy clothes of aprons, large veiled hats and patterned scarves, so you get a real quirky feel for the city.

It can get quite busy, but the hustle and bustle is all a part of the atmosphere, and you'll soon find plenty to chat to your fellow food fans about, especially when sampling the local produce.

The Chablis Wine Festival

(November) Chablis
Four and a half hours from Calais


France is the home of good wine, and people travel far and wide to visit each of its wine regions. And one of the most important events in a wine lovers calendar is the Chablis Wine Festival.

It doesn't matter if you're a wine connoisseur, someone with an interest in wine or a complete novice, there are plenty of wine-soaked activities for you to get involved in. From new vintage baptisms, tastings and learnings, you will definitely leave the festival with a new-found appreciation of wine.  

Sarmentelles of Beaujeu

(November) Beajeu
Six and a half hours from Calais

Celebrate the new barrels of wine with acrobats, fireworks and plenty of dancing. This is a special night for all wine lovers.

Another celebration of wine, the Sarmentelles of Beaujeu celebrates the new vintage of Beaujolais with the sort of fanfare and partying that's usually reserved for a major sporting event! Expect dancing into the small hours, acrobats and fireworks when the broaching of the Beaujolais Nouveau barrels starts at midnight. Everyone gets to taste the wine for free, so you can see just what makes it so special.

Bordeaux: Bordeaux S.O Good

(November) Place Puy Paulin
Six hours from Calais

While some of the festivals on this guide have been smaller, quirkier gatherings on the streets of France, Bordeaux S.O Good is a bit different. This expo is huge, and is the place to come to find the best of Bordeaux food and wine under one roof.

Here, you will meet the people behind Bordeaux's most popular dishes, from the vendors to the chefs to the sommeliers. And there's enough samples available to keep you full the whole time you're there!


Is your stomach rumbling at the idea of touring the best food and wine festivals of France? Make sure to leave plenty of space in your boot so you can bring back as much goodies as possible! And if you book your tickets early with us, you'll get the best price.