Top Road Trip Travel Hacks

For a stress-free road trip that’s fun for the whole family, check out our top road trip travel hacks.

A road trip to the beach is a fantastic family holiday

Taking a family road trip holiday can be lots of fun; it's the best ways to see the 'unseen' parts of Europe, and it's a great way to travel with kids of all ages. Make sure that your road trip holiday is stress free and full of fun with my top road trip travel hacks. You'll be thanking me once you're on the road!

Empty cereal containers make great bins

One of my pet peeves when road-tripping is the build-up of rubbish that happens after just a few hours. Thankfully, I've got a solution. Grab a couple of cereal containers and fashion them into makeshift bins. Place one in the back and one in the front, and you won't have to worry about wayward rubbish floating around in the car.

Organise toys with a shoe rack

When driving long distances you'll want the kids to have easy access to toys, so they can keep themselves entertained. Attach fabric shoe racks to the back of the front seats and you've got two instant toy racks. You can place small toys, colouring books, pens and anything else you like in each section, and the kids will be able to get them without any hassle.

Bring a brightly coloured map for the kids

Kids really enjoy being in the know and this is especially true when you're on a road trip. Kid-friendly maps with large icons and simple wording mean that the kids can follow exactly where you're going, and they could even use stickers to mark off each place as you visit it.

A colourful map is a great way for children to keep track of the road trip.
A colourful map is a great way for children to keep track of the road trip.

Lots of snacks = happy kids

To avoid lots of stopping and starting, as can be the way with long road trips, make sure you bring a large provision of tasty snacks. Things like dried fruit, rice crackers and nuts are good choices because they're easy to eat in the car and they're nutritious. It's probably best to avoid too many sweets, as too much sugar can make kids fidgety and restless.

Keep snacks in nifty containers.
Keep snacks in nifty containers.

Use small tupperware containers to store cables

Cables can be an absolute nightmare when you're road-tripping as they seem to get tangled almost immediately. Keep them separated with labelled tupperware containers, so you can easily find the cable you need.

Roll clothes when packing to save space

When you take a family road trip it's important to make the most of the space that you've got, particularly if your car is on the smaller side. One way to capitalise on the space that's available is by rolling clothes when packing, instead of folding. More compact packing means fewer suitcases and less space taken up in the car. Give it a try!

Carefully planning before you pack saves space and unwanted items.
Carefully planning before you pack saves space and unwanted items.

Drop a pin to remember where you parked

Whether you've stopped to stretch your legs or to get a bite to eat, parking in a town that you don't know needs a bit of consideration. If you have a smart phone, use a dropped pin on Maps to keep track of where you're parked, and you'll never have a problem finding the car again.

A road trip through Europe is a fantastic holiday for the whole family, and with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle you can get from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes. So what are you waiting for?