Top things to see and do in Luxembourg

If you’re planning a trip to Luxembourg with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, then why not try out some of these top things to see and do whilst you’re there!

Neumünster Abbey, Luxembourg City

Being French, I have spent a lot of time exploring the countries surrounding my native France, and I often visit them with my family. One of my favourite destinations, and also one of the less-crowded countries in Europe, is without a doubt Luxembourg. It's small enough to explore in a week, yet it is full to bursting with fascinating history and culture, and fairy tale architecture to capture the imagination. It is less than a four hour drive from the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminal in Calais, which means it won't be long before you and your family are exploring some of these top things to see and do in Luxembourg!

Luxembourg City

There is far more to Luxembourg City than meets the eye, and once you look past its reputation for banks and government buildings, you will find a wealth of culture just waiting to be discovered. But first things first, take a stroll along the Chemin de la Corniche, commonly referred to as 'Europe's most beautiful balcony', and take in the beautiful views across the city and its rivers.

You can learn more about the city's fascinating history in the Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, which resides in a series of 17th century houses, where there is also a lovely garden and terrace with more spectacular views. If you only have time for one attraction, head to the Neumünster Abbey Complex, where you can wander the beautifully restored cloisters, enjoy the unusual exhibitions, or catch a live art performance before dinner in their top quality brasserie.

Château de Bourscheid

The medieval castle, Château de Bourscheid, looms grandly over the valley below, standing some 150m above the winding River Sûre. Surrounded with circular walls, fortified with eight watchtowers that date back to 1384, this impressive fortress was built to last, yet it still manages to maintain a fairy tale-like charm.

The castle is open to visitors all year round, and is well worth the trip, even if just to take in the commanding views of the surrounding landscape. If you stay in Bourscheid village, you'll be in for a treat after dark, when the castle is romantically illuminated throughout the night.

Views from this walkway has won its title as 'Europe's most beautiful balcony'.
Views from this walkway has won its title as 'Europe's most beautiful balcony'.

The Müllerthal Region

Often referred to as Luxembourg's 'Little Switzerland' for its hilly landscape, the Müllerthal region is reminiscent of a fairy glen. With its winding trails ambling through the scenic woodland, past waterfalls and beautiful rock formations, it is easy to lose yourself in this otherworldly part of Luxembourg, which can be just what you need sometimes!

After a long day hiking the trails, head back to Echternach, the oldest town in Luxembourg, to unwind at a table on the picturesque square. There are plenty of fine dining restaurants in Echternach, specialising in the local delicacies of the Müllerthal region, such as cheese, honey and liqueurs, with everything on the menu produced locally.

Explore the woodland trails of the Müllerthal region
Explore the woodland trails of the Müllerthal region

With Eurotunnel Le Shuttle it takes just 35 minutes to cross the Channel, which means you'll have even more time to enjoy your holiday! The drive from Calais to Luxembourg takes just four hours when travelling down through France and Belgium. As you leave our Calais terminal, simply join the E40 towards Dunkirk, where you can then join the E42, which will take you past Lille and as far as Namur in Belgium. From here, join the E411 that later merges into the E25, which will take you to the heart of Luxembourg City.