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Visit Futuroscope – one of France’s most popular amusement parks

Get up, up and away and experience the excitement of one of France’s most popular theme parks. All the family will adore Futuroscope!

Visit Futuroscope – one of France’s most popular amusement parks

Take a trip into the worlds of science fiction, space and technology at France’s most futuristic theme park. The attractions are hi-tech at Futuroscope, and there are so many things for all the family to enjoy. 

As well as 40 individual attractions across the 131 acres of Futuroscope, the park’s theme restaurants, shops and hotels make your Futuroscope experience even more special. 

An overhead shot of part of a theme park, featuring water attractions

Where is Futuroscope?

Futuroscope is in the town of Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, a short drive from Poitiers in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. 

Driving to Futuroscope France from Calais

Futuroscope is a drive of around six and a half hours from the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Calais terminal, via the A28 and A10 motorways (with tolls). Rouen and Le Mans make for ideal stopping points on the journey. 

Leave the A10 at exit 28 for the main entrance to Parc du Futuroscope.

Must-visit attractions at Futuroscope

Go back to the future at a park that never stays the same for long. There are always exciting new attractions at Futuroscope, as well as old favourites that little ones will never tire of. 

Travel the four corners of the Earth on The Extraordinary Journey

The Extraordinary Journey is a flying multimedia theatre ride which starts with a shuttle ride to the departure gate. Then, with your feet dangling, you are flying through the air, amongst a fleet of balloons, over the desert and to the boundaries of the real and the imaginary. Among your destinations are Egypt, Dubai, India, the Himalayas and Yellowstone National Park. Children over 1.05 metres tall are allowed on this ride, accompanied by an adult. 

Destination Mars roller-coaster

Passengers, some with face masks, on a roller coaster

The ‘Objectif Mars’ roller coaster was only opened in 2020 and is the park’s first coaster attraction. Voted ‘Best new roller coaster at the European Star Awards’, the ride is a simulated training session and mission to Mars, where passengers are exposed to elements of simulated G-forces, heat, magnetic fields and weightlessness. The spinning cars travel at speeds of up to 55 km/h. Watch out for the freefall section, the first of its kind in France!  

The Time Machine

Travelling through time with the ‘Raving Rabbids’, those crazy band of inventors, was never going to be simple. In this truly immersive experience you are launched back in time to get the Rabbids version of history. The special effects, animated scenery and moving backdrops are all huge fun, as the video game characters come to bonkers life as they sample the prehistoric era, ancient Greece, the Wild West and space exploration. 

Arthur, the 4D adventure

A happy young girl sits in front of a theme park statue of an animated film character

Fans of the Arthur and the Minimoys films will not be able to contain their excitement with this 4D cinema experience ride. Putting on your special glasses, you are taken on an incredible ride into the world of Arthur, including flying on a ladybug into Paradise Alley, meeting giant insects, bugs and blades of grass. The 4D effects are so realistic you even feel stings to your face! 


With 21 attractions in its own right, the town of Futuropolis is an urban playground where kids can feel all grown up. They could sit in the cockpit of an aeroplane, be a fireman or a lifeguard, or just bounce about on floating trampolines in the Aqualympic Stadium. 

Sebastien Loeb Racing Xperience

Discover what it is like driving a rally car with Sebastien Loeb, the rally driving legend who won the World Rally Championship an incredible nine times! Your simulator will put you through all the bumps, shunts, jerks and slides of a rally driver’s seat. Children have to be 1m 20cm tall to take part in this ride. 

Dances with Robots

Two girls in a roller coaster type seat having fun

Your dance partner for this attraction is a giant robotic arm and your dance routine is, well, any way it cares to throw you! Luckily, however, it won’t let go, which is fortunate as  you are dancing with robots 7 metres above ground! In the wrists of the waltzing robot, you dance to the beat of the music in an electric ballroom. 

There is a minimum height criteria of 1m 20cm for children to go on this ride. A mezzanine area gives family members the chance to watch and take photos. 

Journey into the Dark

What is it actually like to not be able to see? In this sense-awakening experience, a blind guide asks you to close your eyes before leading you on a route through different environments. Your other senses of smell, touch and hearing are triggered as you guide yourself through the Louisiana bayou, the bright lights and sounds of New York and the Himalayan peaks. 

Floating bikes on the Vélodrôle

Pedalos with a difference! These actually are super-sized tricycles, and families can have great fun pedalling around the velo pool. An ideal thing to do on a hot day, as you are almost certain to get wet and cool off! 

The Wings of Da Vinci

The flying machines of Leonardo da Vinci are the inspiration behind this gentle family-friendly ride. Pedal up into the air with your little one aboard – as long as they are over 90cm tall! 

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