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Visit inactive volcanoes in Eifel Nature Park

Step into the dramatic wilderness of Eifel National Park. Explore untamed forests, lakes and experience the thrill of inactive volcanoes.

Shaped by centuries of volcanic activity, the landscape of Eifel Nature Park promises visitors unparalleled beauty. From fairytale forests and lakes to hiking trails and beautiful local towns, there’s something to capture the heart of every visitor.

Where is Eifel Nature Park

Based in the North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, Eifel Nature Park is only a four-hour drive from the LeShuttle Calais terminal.

The region is famous for having some of the most beautiful hiking trails, and Eifel Nature Park is no exception. Connecting North Rhine-Westphalia with Rhineland Palatinate and eastern Belgium the park covers almost 110 km, making it the perfect place to explore.

Unwind surrounded by nature in Eifel Nature Park

Germany’s Volcano route

Stretching between the River Rhine and the Eifel Mountains, the Volcano Route covers 174 miles and includes around 40 geological and historic attractions.

Although the drive can be completed in a day, to get the most from the trip you should try and stop to explore the various sites. The Laacher See, a volcanic lake near the town of Andernach is a must-see. The lake boasts stunning views with crystal-clear waters and is a great place to stop and take a moment to relax. Perfect for budding geologists, you should visit the Lava Dome in Mendig, where visitors can explore the museum’s volcanic cellars.

When you should go

While the scenery in the park is beautiful all year round, one of the best times to visit this part of Germany is between May and September for optimum temperatures and weather forecasts.

For keen hikers or mountain bikers, visiting in the summer months gives you ample opportunity to enjoy all the parks untouched beauty in its full glory. For those visiting later in the year or thinking about attending Oktoberfest, Eifel Nature Park is a great place to stop and enjoy a few days before moving on.

Water falling down a rock face into a pool surrounded by trees and plants

Places to stay

Visitors to Eifel Nature Park have plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation. Not only are there plenty of hotels, holiday apartments, and B&Bs, there is also a campsite and national park guesthouse. This gives you the perfect opportunity to soak up as much of the park as you can, and as all the accommodation is environmentally friendly and sustainable, you can rest assured that your stay isn’t having a negative effect on the environment.

Multi generation family walking in a line past a trees in a forest with three dogs

Things to see

The park itself is full of hiking trails of various lengths and difficulty, all of which take in different aspects of the landscape. You will be treated to views of gorges, lakes, and streams, but the more experienced hiker can also take on the challenge of some of the tougher hills.

Visitors looking for a more leisurely way to enjoy the scenery can book a cruise on Lake Rur. Running between April and October, the cruises are a great way to unwind by the riverbank.

If you’ve got time and fancy exploring more of the area, the town of Monschau is a great place. Famed for being virtually untouched for 300 years, the medieval walls, cobbled streets, and timbered houses offer another way for you to immerse yourself into the region’s culture. The iconic Rotes Haus is the town’s most famous landmark and the red brickwork makes it easy to spot. The self-supporting staircase depicting the stages of textile production is well worth a look.

River running through the middle of a house lined street with a red brick building on the left sand a small stone bridge and people sitting outside a white building on the left

Start your German adventure with LeShuttle

Ideal for short trips, or as the perfect rest stop before traveling through Germany toward Frankfurt and the Black Forest, a trip to Eifel Nature Park offers you the perfect chance to escape. With LeShuttle, you can be in Calais in 35 minutes and well on your way to the peace of Eifel Nature Park before you know it.

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