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Wallonia is the perfect setting for quality time away within a couple of hours.

Wallonia makes the perfect stage for a quality time away

Rolling farmland, wooded peaks, fast-flowing rivers, but also scenic drives, good food and quality lodging from friendly guest houses to five star hotels: Wallonia makes the perfect stage for a quality time away only a couple of hours drives away from the Eurotunnel terminal.

Given the compact size of the country and the proximity to the UK, you will find a fascinating countryside waiting to be discovered at your doorsteps.

From the Middle Ages up until the 18th century, southern Belgium was a patchwork of principalities, duchies and earldoms, each of which had its own chateau. These days, many of these fantastic properties have been restored to their former glory and can now be visited or stayed in. Those well worth a visit include Beloeil, Freyr, Modave, Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, and Reinhardstein, while Le Val d’Ambleve, Chateau de Namur, Chateau d’Hassonville, Chateau de Limelette or the newly refurbished Manoir de Lebioles are all perfect for a romantic weekend away.

Another trail well worth treading is the beer route through Wallonia, which is where three (Rochefort, Chimay and Orval) of the world’s six Trappist beers are produced. The food in southern Belgium is also worth a visit in its own right: think Ardennes pate, rich game dishes and creamy chocolates, and you will have just a small inkling of what lies in store.

If, on the other hand, you’re worried about your waistline, head for one of our many golf courses or even one of our fantastic health spas. Spa in the Wallonia is the original spa, after which all the others are named, and has been known worldwide for centuries as a place where people can take the waters and be cured of all ills. A more recent addition is the luxurious health spa of Chaudfontaine, which has been built around a natural spring that is found just outside the city of Liège. Spend a week or just a few days here, and you’re sure to emerge a totally new person.

And, finally, if you time your visit to Wallonia just right, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the great cultural attractions of the region. For aside from hundreds of museums, battlefield sites and art exhibitions, we have many weird and wonderful annual events, most of which date back many hundreds of years. For starters, there’s carnival at the beginning of the year, which gives way to gatherings of giants and witches, and strange-shaped vegetables and floating bathtub festivals in the spring and summer.

Whoever said the Belgians and their country were boring?


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Wallonia a perfect place for a perfect break!

Just a few hours drive on the motorway from Eurotunnel's Calais Terminal.

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