• How do I save frequently used Advance Passenger Information (API) to my Frequent Traveller account?

    1. Log in to My Eurotunnel using your Frequent Traveller account number and password.
    2. Select 'Store API to your account' from the menu on the right hand side.
    3. You will be asked to confirm that you have permission from the passengers whose details you are adding. Click the circle to the left of the popup box, and then click 'Continue'.
    4. The system will provide you with an empty 'Unspecified' placeholder into which you can add your first set of information.
      Click on the edit-api-button icon to add API.
    5. Fill out all of the fields. A green tick will appear next to each box as it is correctly filled in.
    6. Click 'Save and continue' to return to the passenger list.
    7. To add more API, simply click the 'Add new person' button.
    8. Note: If all the required passenger information is submitted and correct, the status icon next to the Date of Birth will change to a tick in a green circle. If a cross in a red circle still shows, it means not all the required information has been submitted. Only entries that are fully populated will appear in the drop down menu when you add API to a booking.
    9. Once you have added everyone you want to add, click 'Save and Log out' to confirm your changes.