• Calais Travel Alerts

  • Travel Advice

    For latest Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice, please visit the UK GOV.org website

    Arrival and check-in times

    We advise you to keep to your booked departure time and not to arrive early or late, during this busy period, as we will not have space to accommodate you. You should therefore plan to check-in at least 45 minutes prior and no more than 2 hours before your booked departure time.

    Latest travel information

    Before setting off on your journey please visit eurotunnel.com/uk/traveller-info/latest which will give you the latest travel information for both the Folkestone and Calais Terminals.

    Works planned on the A16 motorway until the end of the year

    Works will be carried out during 2018 in order to reinstall lighting overnight with an aim to improve security on the A16 motorway and the Calais port approach road. These works will be carried out as follows:

    • First phase: from April and for a planned period of 8 weeks, the works will take place at junction 47
    • Second phase : from mid June and for a planned period of 6 months, the works will be carried out on a section of 8 kms of the motorway between junctions 43 and 48 as well as on the port approach road
    • Third phase : from mid October for a planned period of 1 month, the works will once again take place at junction 47

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