• Need to travel with your horse?

  • Equidae transportation on Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

    Eurotunnel Le Shuttle are able to transport domestic equidae on it's single deck passenger shuttles.

    Horses must travel in a horse transporter of the appropriate standard. The ventilation system must be capable of ensuring even distribution throughout with a minimum airflow of nominal capacity of 60 m3/h/KN of payload. It must be capable of operating for at least 4 hours, independently of the vehicle engine. Eurotunnel Le Shuttlecan only accept vehicles in possession of a valid Road Vehicle & Container Certificate (or equivalent issued by other member states) providing evidence that the vehicle has been approved under article 18 (2) of Council Regulation EC 1/2005 or documentation from the vehicle manufacturer confirming the capacity of the ventilation system.

    Travel must be booked in advance with one of the following companies:

    Peden Bloodstock
    Tel: 00 44 1252 844042
    Email: shipping@peden.co.uk

    Harbour Shipping
    Tel: 00 44 1304 200908
    Email: mford@harbourshipping.co.uk

    John Parker International Ltd
    Tel: 00 44 1303 266621
    Email: jp.international@lineone.net

    Shelley Ashman International
    Tel: 00 44 1884 849008
    Email: sheila@shelleyashmanshipping.co.uk

    Tel: 00 44 2830 252500
    Email: booking@motis.com