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Dreaming of your next adventure to the continent? Maybe to visit friends and family or a week on the slopes? We all like to get our holidays booked up and into the diary to give us something to look forward to.
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Our Peace-of-Mind Promise - 2020

In these times it can be difficult to plan, but we all need to be able to look forward to holidays and adventures. That's why we're promising anyone who makes a booking between the 1st and the 17th of June (when hopefully we'll all know more) that we'll give you your money back - no questions asked - if you change your mind, or are unable to travel.

Just let us know 24 hours before the time you were booked to travel, and you can choose from a free amend, or a full refund. We hope this helps you dream and plan, and gives you that extra bit of reassurance we're all needing at the moment

    1. This offer applies to tickets booked between 1st June 2020 and 17th June 2020, with return travel to be completed by 15th September 2020.
    2. Cancellation and refund only available through our Contact Centre on +44 (0) 3457 35 35 35 at least 24hrs prior to outward travel.
    3. Offer valid for direct, travel agent and tour operator bookings. Excludes tickets booked by coach operators.
    4. Offer valid for Standard single and return tickets only.
    5. Excludes short break and day trip tickets, Frequent Traveller bookings, Group bookings, tickets purchased with Tesco Clubcard Vouchers or complimentary tickets
    6. Offer not available to discounted bookings made by Shareholders, Le Shuttle Club members, Staff or Friends of Staff or Family (FOSOF) using their privileges.
    7. Refund offer applies to whole booking made direct with Eurotunnel including linked supplements and pet travel.
    8. Refund offer applies to any insurance policy taken out through Eurotunnel at the time of booking, on which there has been no claim.
    9. Refund applies only to monies paid directly to Eurotunnel.
    10. Refund excludes any associated costs, such as, but not limited to insurance policies taken out with other insurance providers, accommodation costs and onward travel arrangements (for customer and/or its pet/s), and any and all costs associated with complying with overseas travel and the Pet Travel rules.
    11. Refund to be applied for by the named ticket holder. Any refund will be issued to the card used for purchase and in the currency in which the ticket was purchased.
    12. Tickets booked under these terms and conditions can be amended at a later date with no administration charge (price of travel on new date and time will apply and any excess will be payable).
    13. Any ticket booked under these terms and conditions which is amended to include return travel after the 15th September 2020 will not qualify for cancellation and refund.
    14. Any ticket booked under these terms and conditions which is amended more than once will not qualify for cancellation and refund.
    15. Eurotunnel reserves the right to amend or withdraw all elements of the offer without prior notice.
    16. Any ticket booked after the withdrawal of the promotion will not qualify for cancellation or refund.
    17. Eurotunnel’s Conditions of Carriage and all other Ticket Terms will apply.

Folkestone to Calais in 35min

Price covers car & up to 9 passengers

35 minutes platform to platform †

Up to 4 departures an hour