Self Check-In

Hassle free check-in

How does it work?

Providing you have made a booking in advance of travel, proceed to the Self Check-In lanes signposted by the Self Check-in pictogram and look out for our kiosks situated before the main booths.

  • Simply drive up to the check-in barriers and our automatic number plate recognition will detect your vehicle and find your booking.
  • If we are not able to find your booking, simply enter your eight digit booking reference number, or insert the payment card used to make the booking. Your card will not be debited. It is used for identification purposes only.
  • Once your hanger is printed, you can proceed to our Passenger Terminal Building for some last minute shopping or, if your letter corresponds to the next departure, go straight to the allocation lanes.

The process is exactly the same for your return journey. It really couldn't be easier!

Disabled users

Proceed to the Self Check-In lanes and simply follow the instructions described above to obtain your hanger. Once your hanger is printed, follow the disabled route as usual. Further information on travelling with LeShuttle can be found in our Reduced Mobility Users section.

Need help?

If you encounter any problems during your transaction, don't worry, help is at hand. Just press the button next to the screen and one of our agents will assist you. If you have not made an advance booking, please proceed to the manual Check-In lanes where our agents will be pleased to provide you with your departure hanger.

Important information

  • Please note that when using your credit card at Self Check-In, your card will NOT be debited. It is used for identification purposes only.