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Advance Passenger Information (API)

Doesn't apply for Coach bookings.

To speed up journey times through our Folkestone terminal, all Folkestone to Calais bookings must have Advance Passenger Information (API) added to them.

If API is not added to a booking in advance of travel, your customer may be stopped at check-in and asked to add their passenger details to their booking before they continue on their journey.

To ensure API is added to all bookings, you can either:

  • Send the booking details to the customer, so that they can add API to their booking online
  • Add API to the booking on your customers behalf

To find out more, click here

Please note: Customers with bookings made through Unicorn must call our Contact Centre on 0330 1233207 with their booking reference and passenger details, including passport / ID card information, to hand.

For more information about API, please visit our Advance Passenger Information page

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  • The fastest route to France by Car
  • Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes
  • Travel 365 days a year
  • No fuel supplement