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A Guide to Champagne-Ardenne

Rich in culture and heritage with magnificent places not to be missed, plan your trip to Champagne-Ardenne.

The region of Champagne-Ardenne merged with the neighbouring regions of Alsace and Lorraine to form the new region Grand Est in 2016. This means it covers a large expanse of France, from the Belgian border to Burgundy. It also means there is more than enough to see and do when you visit.

From UNESCO listed cathedrals and picturesque medieval architecture to castles and rivers, Champagne-Ardenne has something for everyone.

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What to see in the region

Champagne-Ardenne is filled with things to see and do, but here are a few of our favourites. Mark these must-sees on your map before you begin your trip.

Palais du Tau

One of the many great things to see in Reims and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palais du Tau is named for its T-shape structure. The chapel dates back to 1207, but much of the original was rebuilt between the 15th and 16th century giving it a distinct Gothic style. Be sure to visit its luxurious rooms where you can see tapestries and art works from throughout its lustrous history.

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This 16th century city was renovated in the 1950s but retains almost all of its original charming features. Cobbled streets and timbered houses make you feel like you have stepped back in time. Luckily, modern amenities are in abundance, with restaurants and cafes serving Troyes’ famous brioche and local dishes. The quirky architecture includes the rather wonderful La Ruelle des Chats (The Cats Alley) named because the roofs of the houses in this street are so close that cats could easily pass from one side to the other.

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Avenue de Champagne

No trip to Champagne is complete without a journey down Avenue de Champagne, where the creators of the wine reside. The avenue is made up of 19th century and Classical style buildings that appear modern when compared to those of Troyes. But underneath the street is where it gets interesting. Below the depths, there are over 100km of galleries dug out, which house millions of bottles of champagne.

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Top five must see Vineyards in Champagne

Champagne is the closet wine region to Calais, so if you are a fan of wine, wine tasting, or just love to explore beautiful vineyards, this region is a wonderful place to find some of the best in the country without having to travel too far.

Champagne Barnaut

This vineyard has been creating fine wine since 1874 by using game changing techniques. Try the eight different cuvées of Champagne and two cuvées of still wines.

La Cave aux Coquillages

Not only can you see how the beautiful wines are made, but you can also discover the preserved geology that helps create this champagne.

Champagne Tribaut

Located in the birthplace of champagne, you can come here to get first-hand experience working the grape harvest.

Parya Domus

The owners are known locally as mamie et papy, and love to welcome guests into their beautiful stately home, encased by acres of vineyards.

Pre en Bulles

Biodynamic wines, horses working the vineyard and jazz concerts. This is a vineyard that stands out from the rest.

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Getting to Champagne-Ardenne with LeShuttle

LeShuttle can take you from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes. From there, it’s less than a three-hour-drive to the Champagne-Ardenne region, although don’t forget this is now part of the Grand Est region.

The A26 will show junctions to Reims and Epernay, cities synonymous with champagne production, and quick glimpses of Champagne’s sprawling vineyards.

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