How to book the best fares

Fare Finder

Fare Finder
Fare Finder


  • Book as early as possible for the best value
  • Accurately describe your vehicle to ensure you are allocated the correct space
  • Travelling frequently? - consider becoming a Frequent Traveller if you travel more than 4 times per year

  • Flexiplus tickets allow you to travel any time during the day of your booking, as well as take advantage if priority loading, complimentary refreshments in our exclusive lounge

* Frequent Traveller - a minimum purchase of 10 single tickets is required to create a Frequent Traveller wallet. Bookings cannot be made at Check-in on the day of travel. The Frequent Traveller Standard Fares are applicable to single "Off Peak" journeys. For travel during "Standard Peak" or "High Peak" times, a supplement will be payable.