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Start your adventure with LeShuttle

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How to book the best fares

Book early for the best value

Get the best value tickets by booking online. Save money by booking as early as possible and planning your trip in advance.


Flexiplus tickets allow you to travel any time during the day of your booking. Enjoy complimentary refreshments in our exclusive lounge before taking advantage of priority loading.

Easy. LeShuttle. Breezy.

All fares include your vehicle and up to 9 passengers. What's more, we do not charge fuel or luggage supplements. So more of you can travel for less!

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Benefit from a LeShuttle membership

  • Exclusive offers from our partners, including Oliver’s Travels, Into The Blue & Cinema Society
  • Members-only ticket offers
  • Amazing monthly free to enter competitions
  • Make, import & manage bookings all in one place
  • Store your passengers, vehicles, pets and payment methods for quick and easy bookings

Your journey made easier

Download the LeShuttle app. With all your documents at your fingertips and journey alerts through your trip, you can travel faster and easier from Folkestone to Calais.