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    Eurotunnel Le Shuttle's Check-in booths are located shortly after leaving the M20 at Junction 11a in Kent or Junction 42 on the A16 motorway in Calais. Here, the coach driver should be ready to input his eight digit booking reference number into the touch-screen Self Check-in machine and to follow the instructions given on the screen. Unbooked coaches should proceed to one of the manned Check-in lanes. After receiving a boarding card that shows the letter of the shuttle to which the coach has been allocated, drivers should proceed either directly to the boarding area or, if there is sufficient time, to the coach parking area at the Passenger Terminal Building . We recommend that drivers should allow additional time if the coach passengers wish to visit the Passenger Terminal Building before departing for the boarding area. All signs and information are both in English and French and our bilingual staff are on hand to answer any questions.
    Taking a break
    The Passenger Terminal Buildings at both Folkestone and Calais each offers restaurants, toilets, a bureau de change, an information desk, disabled facilities and various retail outlets. For further information, click here.
    Border controls
    Regardless of the direction of travel, all border control checks are completed before boarding the shuttle. Therefore, on arrival, the coach can proceed directly from the shuttle and onto the autoroute or motorway network without further delay.
    Driving aboard the shuttle

    Coaches should arrive in the boarding area, having completed border controls, at least 25 minutes before departure. Drivers simply follow the signs and staff directions onto the platform. They will be directed onto the shuttle and should drive forward through the carriages until instructed to stop by a member of the Train Crew.

    Coach drivers must respect the 10 km/h speed limit within the shuttle. Further safety information can be found at Coach Driver Safety Information.

    A member of the Train Crew will place chocks against the coach wheels. These must remain in place until removed by the member of Train Crew upon completion of the journey.

    Eurotunnel Le Shuttle carriages are bright and fully air-conditioned. There are limited toilet facilities on board and visual display screens to keep drivers and passengers up to date with the journey's progress.

    Driving off
    On arrival at your destination, coaches will be directed off the shuttle, along the platform, out of the terminal and directly on to either the A16 autoroute in France or the M20 motorway in Kent. Don't forget, there are no border controls upon leaving either of Eurotunnel's terminals.