• Sustainable Development

  • Respect for the environment: one of Eurotunnel’s core values

    The Channel Tunnel and its rail transport system have a number of environmental advantages, making Eurotunnel the most environmentally friendly cross-Channel operator.

    Since May 2009, Eurotunnel is running a Passenger Shuttle wrapped in a livery representing the beauty of the natural environment.

    Our Passenger Shuttle in sustainable development livery

    Eurotunnel's commitments to reducing its carbon footprint will benefit all its customers by allowing them to minimise their impact on climate change.

    With Eurotunnel, you help protect the environment now

    Making a difference

    Results of actions carried out in 2008 and 2009 confirm Eurotunnel's commitment to sustainable development and the efficiency of its environmental strategy.

    Planète Gagnante Partnership: Signing of "Official Partnership Charter" with the French environment and energy management agency ADEME and the Nord-pas-de-Calais Regional Council one 20 September 2007and launch of a 7 point commitment plan.

    Carbon footprint: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 45% in 2008. To date Eurotunnel is the only cross-Channel operator to have published a carbon footprint review each year since 2006.

    Optimised source of energy. Reduction of electricity consumption by 7.5% in 2008. Nearly all electricity needed is purchased in France as French electricity produces 20 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

    Development of renewable energy: Eurotunnel has been granted planning permission for a 3 turbine wind farm on the Coquelles terminal.

    Waste management: In 2008, 50% of waste produced was recycled.

    Seven point commitment plan

    Eurotunnel continuously strives to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. Its sustainable development strategy was formalised by way of a 7 point commitment plan.

    • Undertake a survey to determine its carbon footprint and implement a plan to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Continue its corporate strategy for reducing electricity and water consumption.
    • Contribute to the development of renewable energy (wind farm, photovoltaic solar power, etc.).
    • Bring global warming and waste prevention to the attention of the millions of British and French customers that use Eurotunnel’s Shuttles each year, through activities, events and exhibitions.
    • Develop selective waste collection to optimise sorting and encourage material or energy recycling of its waste.
    • Promote simple actions that its 2,300 employees can easily incorporate into their daily lives, encourage ecological citizenship. Involve suppliers and sub-contractors in this environmental approach.
    • Continue to improve the management of its sites at Samphire Hoe and the Folkestone Escarpment in association with the White Cliffs Countryside Project to achieve an optimum balance between nature conservation and visitor access.
    Excellent environmental performance

    In May 2009, Eurotunnel was awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for its commitment to managing and reducing its carbon footprint year on year. Greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 45% over two years.

    More…: read Carbon Trust Press Release 14/05/09

    In line with its partnership signed with the French environment agency (ADEME), Eurotunnel formalised its sustainable development strategy by way 7-point commitment.

    More…: on page 6 of the 2008 Environment report

    Environmental awards
    • In 2008, Samphire Hoe (the 30-hectare piece of land created from the chalk marl excavated during the construction of the Channel Tunnel) was awarded the Green Flag for the fourth year running in recognition of its high ecological quality.
    • Environmental Awards for Kent Business (Site Management and Nature Conservation category) sponsored by Kent County Council
    • National RICS Award for Countryside & Coastal Regeneration sponsored by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors