Pre-travel requirements

How did you make your booking?

Using a My Eurotunnel account

Log-in to your My Eurotunnel account and add your API & Health Declarations, using your account created with your email address and chosen password.

Log into your account

Standalone (one-off "guest" booking)

You'll need your booking reference number and password which can be found on your booking confirmation email (help).

Log into your booking

Travel agent and coach tour operator bookings

You'll need your booking reference number and password which may be found on your booking confirmation email (help).
If you do not have these details, please contact your travel agent or coach tour operator.

Log into and add API and Health Declarations

Need help getting ready to travel?

Follow our step-by-step guides on filling out your API & Health Declarations to ensure you are ready to travel.

API just got easier!

You can now opt to store your Advance Passenger Information in your My Eurotunnel account, so that you can easily use it again on future bookings without having to re-enter it every time.

  • All UK ports and airports are required by the UK Home Office to collect the passport or identity card details from every person entering or leaving the country.

    To speed up your journey through our terminals, you must supply your passenger information to us before you travel, using our Advance Passenger Information (API) system. If you do not supply your passenger information in advance of travelling, you may be stopped at check-in and asked to add your API to your booking before continuing on your journey.

  • To make travelling with us easier, it's possible to store passengers details to a My Eurotunnel account, and even add these passengers automatically to future bookings.

    1. Log in or register for a My Eurotunnel account.
    2. Once logged in, navigate to the "My API, vehicles, cards, wallets and pets" page
    3. Click + to add a new person
    4. Complete the passengers details, where you will have the option of "Automatically add this passenger to future bookings". 
      (You can always remove them from a booking, or individual leg of a booking if desired)
    5. Click Save

    To amend or delete a stored passenger, simply click on that persons icon and then make any amendments, or delete them entirely.

    Note that changing or deleting a passenger from your account won't update any bookings already made.

  • After making a booking:
    1. Log in...
      • My Eurotunnel account holdersLog into your account, (using your registered email address and password) and select "Add API" on your upcoming booking.
      • Guest/Direct bookings - click here to log in using your booking reference number and password (found on your booking confirmation email)
      • Trade/Other booking types - click here to log in using your booking reference number and password.
    2. Click + to add new passengers
    3. Click on a passenger to add or remove them from a leg of the journey.
      • To edit a passenger, you just delete them and then re-add their details again.
    4. Changes are saved automatically. 
  • Yes, the passenger details for each person travelling on every booking must be supplied.

    My Eurotunnel account holders will be able to store and automatically add API for future bookings.

    See our how-to guides for more information

  • The following details will be required from you and each of the passengers travelling in your vehicle, every time you travel:

    • Name 
    • Surname 
    • Gender 
    • Date of birth 
    • Nationality 
    • Document type 
    • Document number 
    • Issuing state 
    • Expiry date
  • Your Advance Passenger Information will only be passed to UK Home Office.

  • Once collected, your information is stored on our secure systems and sent in an encrypted format to UK Home Office when you travel.

    Your data will only be kept on our systems if you give your explicit consent by opting to store your API details for future use.

    Eurotunnel processes the booking details and travel information of its clients and passengers leaving the UK in compliance with the French law Informatique et Libertés 6 January 1978, and the English Law Data Protection Act 1998.

    Personal data is processed by Eurotunnel for the purposes set out above.

    You have the right to access, amend, oppose and request deletion of this data by writing to the following address: Eurotunnel - Legal Department, UK Terminal, Ashford Road, Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom, CT18 8XX.

    Read more about Eurotunnel's Data Protection Policy

  • If you do not have access to the internet, you can call our Contact Centre on 0330 1233207 where one of our API team will add your passenger information to your booking.

    Please have your booking reference and passenger details, including passport / ID card information, available. You must obtain consent from all passengers travelling with you before you submit API on their behalf.

    Please see the Contact Centre opening times

  • Where will you arrive in the UK?

    What country are you travelling from?

    Which company are you travelling with?

    What is the flight number, train service or ship name you will arrive on?
    Your booking reference number (e.g. 33 44 55 66)

    What is your seat number?
    Leave blank

  • After making your booking, you will first be required to add your API (Advance Passenger Information) for your travel. Once you have added your passengers API, it's then possible to add the travel documents for these passengers.

    1. Log into your account or booking
      • My Eurotunnel account holdersLog into your account, (using your registered email address and password).
      • Guest/Direct bookings - click here to log in using your booking reference number and password (found on your booking confirmation email).
      • Trade/Other booking types - click here to log in using your booking reference number and password.
    2. Ensure you have added all Advance Passenger Information before continuing.

    3. Click "Add Health Declarations" on your upcoming booking. It will open in a new window.
      • You will see all passengers listed, for each direction of travel (outbound/return).
      • If passengers are missing from this list, you need to add their Advance Passenger Information (step 2) before you can continue.
    4. For each passenger you will be required to specify a Country of Residence and their travel documents.
      • Documents will be automatically checked and approved if possible, or submitted for manual verification by Eurotunnel.
    5. Once all documents have been added and approved for each passenger, the individual passengers' status will be "Complete" and they are ready to travel on that leg of the trip.

    6. Complete this process for all passengers on the leg for the leg to be "Complete" and ready to travel.
      • It may not be possible to complete documents for both legs of your trip at the same time depending on the required timings of COVID-19 tests. 
    7. Complete the same process for the return leg (if applicable) as soon as it is time to do so depending on the required test/documents.

    Each passenger must still bring ALL the required documents and supporting documents, ready to be presented to the authorities.

    Failure to comply with the required measures or to provide false or deliberately misleading information is a criminal offence and is punishable by a fine and/or travel ban and/or imprisonment. Please visit for detailed public health advice and requirements for entering the UK.

  • Documents can be uploaded as soon as you have them available.
    For COVID test results, this maybe be 72-24hrs prior to departure depending on the type of test being used.
  • On a smartphone:

    On desktop:

  • You can upload PDFs or images (JPG) of your documents and evidence. It may be easier to complete the process on a smartphone where you can take photos of documents and upload them directly; ensure that the document is well lit and the text is clear in the photos.


  • Ensure you have added all passengers Advance Passenger Information before attempting to add Health Declarations.

    How to add Advance Passenger Information

  • The documents need to be checked and verified by our teams - this is usually completed in under 48hrs, and are prioritised based on time to departure.

    If this process is not complete by the time you arrive at our terminals, we have facilities to validate them on-site. You do not need to be concerned or call our Contact Centre for assistance.

    You can check the status if your documents by logging into your booking (more details here) and viewing the booking summary.

    We recommend checking the status just before arriving at our terminal to avoid any unnecessary waiting on-site.

  • No. These documents contain sensitive personal information and can only be submitted online by yourself.

    How to add Health Declarations online

  • Yes - You can either take a photo of your completed document and upload this to your booking, or you can scan the document and convert it to a PDF using your mobile device (ideal if your document is multiple pages long).