Our shuttles

Our passenger shuttles are completely unique to us; custom designed to carry you, regardless of vehicle, through our tunnels to France in just 35 minutes.

  • Every passenger shuttle has a locomotive at each end.
  • One half of the shuttle is single deck, and one half is double deck.
  • Each shuttle has a “single deck loader” at each end of the single deck section, and a “double deck loader” at each end of the double deck section.
  • Ordinary cars are usually loaded onto the double deck portion of the shuttle – so you may drive up a ramp inside the shuttle to access the upper deck, or you’ll be directed straight along the shuttle on the lower deck.
  • Higher vehicles, such as large MPVs, motorhomes, and coaches drive straight into the single deck portion of the shuttle.

Double Deck: For Medium & Small vehicles.

The Double Deck section of the shuttle features lower and upper decks for vehicles below 1.85 meters in height. During loading you will either drive up a short ramp to the upper deck, or straight onto the lower deck.

Most cars can comfortably use the double deck with room to spare, and once boarded you are free to exit your vehicle and stretch your legs.

Follow this signage on our terminal for boarding:

Single Deck: For Large vehicles

Taller, wider, longer vehicles, or vehicles towing a caravan or trailer will use the Single Deck section of the shuttle.

The single deck uses the full height and width available in the shuttle, allowing coaches and large vehicles to board and travel with ease.

There are also no ramps to navigate when loading, making them perfect for sports vehicles with low ground clearance.

Follow this signage for boarding:

Booking with a modified vehicle

If your vehicle is larger and specially modified to accommodate your needs, please call us to book to ensure the best price. You will need to be able to provide evidence of the requirements or modifications in order to receive the discount. Call to book: +44 (0) 3443 35 35 35

Booking and boarding

When booking, the information you supply about your vehicle will be used to book you the space most suitable for your vehicle.

Your booking confirmation email will confirm whether your vehicle is Medium & Small or Large, and all you need to do is follow the correct signage at our terminal.

Booking Vehicle FAQ

  • Yes - subject to availability and difference in price. We recommend you make any changes in advance online, via our Contact Centre by phone, or by Live Chat prior to travel as space on the day may be very limited.

  • If you have any doubt, questions or concerns, it’s best to contact us via our Contact Centre by phone or Live Chat.

  • Yes - you will have to pay for the extra space a trailer or caravan takes up on the shuttle. You will also be allocated to the single storey section to make sure you can load and unload from our shuttle with ease.

    Please make sure you measure anything you are towing carefully (we need the total length of your trailer/caravan including any storage boxes, bicycles or sports equipment mounted to the rear) to ensure we allocate the right amount of space. More information.


  • Anything extra on the top or rear of your car will change the dimensions and what space your vehicle takes up, therefore, this could change where you are allocated and the price you pay. If you decide after booking to add any kind of accessory, you must let us know prior to travel as we may not be able to allocate you a suitable space in the same time slot.

  • Yes - Any vehicle over 1.85 meters in height, and vehicles with anything on the roof, will be unable to travel safely in the two storey section of our shuttles, so will be allocated to the single storey section. The price of a space in the single storey section of our shuttles is sometimes more than the price of a space in the two storey section.

  • No – the ticket price includes your vehicle and up to nine people. Vehicles that can take more than nine people are charged slightly differently, but the number of people in the vehicle does not change the price.

  • Yes, for example it will cost more to travel on the shuttle in a Range Rover than in a Fiat 500.

  • The vehicles that travel on our shuttles come in all shapes and sizes. In order to make the best use of the capacity on the shuttles, and ensure we have the right type of space allocated, we need to know the length, height and any special requirements for your vehicle. We have access to a database that enables us to get most of this information from your vehicle registration.

  • To correctly allocate you a space on our shuttles we need to know the dimensions of the vehicle you are travelling with.

    This can be easily done using one of three methods;

    1. Vehicle registration

    If your vehicle is registered in the UK or France, you can simply enter your vehicle registration and search for your vehicle.


    2. Make and Model

    If we are unable to find your details from your registration number, your vehicle is registered outside of the UK/France, or you do not know it, you can search for the make and model of your vehicle yourself.


    Please note: This option isn't available for motorcycle users. If you are travelling with a motorcycle, use the vehicle registration search, or the "type and size" option.


    3. Type/Size 

    If you are unable to find your specific vehicle using the above methods, you can still make a booking by telling us the type of vehicle, as well as its approximate length and height.


    Whichever method you use, we will still request a registration number during the booking process so that we can detect your arrival at check-in for fast and smooth processing.

    Maximum size: the maximum size of combined vehicle and trailer/caravan we can transport is 18 meters (59ft).


    Booking with a modified vehicle (restricted mobility customers)

    If your vehicle is larger and specially modified to accommodate your needs, you will need to be able to provide evidence of the requirements or modifications in order to register its status as an adapted vehicle to ensure the best price. Contact us to register your vehicle.

    Once registered you will be able to book using your LeShuttle account, or by calling +44 (0) 3443 35 35 35


    Additional information


    Some vehicle models can be classified as either a van or a minibus, so we will need to confirm exactly which type of vehicle you are booking, and in the case of a van that you are not carrying any commercial goods (if you are, you will need to book with our Freight service).



    If we detect that your vehicle is a campervan or has been converted into a campervan we will ask you to confirm this so that the appropriate checks can be carried out by our safety teams at the terminal.

    We will also need to know the overall size of your campervan, including anything (including vehicles) mounted on the rear, as shown below:




    Low ground clearance and wide sports cars

    We may detect that your vehicle (despite being under the 1.85 meters high) is better suited to our Single Deck shuttles due to its low ground-clearance, width, or scissor/gull-wing doors.

    Our Single Deck shuttles can accommodate wider vehicles, and do not require driving up the ramps to the upper deck during loading. If your vehicle is not detected as being wide/low but you wish to request this type of allocation, please book via our Contact Centre.

  • So that we can properly allocate you the correct space for your journey with us, we will need to know the overall size of anything being towed behind your vehicle; such as trailers, caravans or other vehicles.

    When specifying the length of the item you are towing please ensure your measurement includes bumpers, tow bars, bikes and any overhanging load, as shown below in red.




    Maximum size: the maximum size of vehicle and trailer we can transport is 18 meters (59ft).

    If you have any queries or are interested in booking an oversized or trailer/vehicle please contact us.

  • Vans can be accepted on our passenger service as along as the AGW (Actual Gross Weight) does not exceed 3.5 tonnes, and the goods are for private use only. The AGW information will be identified on your vehicle registration document, where it may appear as 3,500kgs.

    If the AGW of the vehicle is above 3.5 tonnes, or is carrying commercial goods, your ticket must be booked through our Freight service. If you would like further advice, please call our Contact Centre.

    Please note: Our Freight service is unable to carry children under the age of 12 years or pets.

  • For groups of 20 or more vehicles travelling together, please submit your request via our group travel form to obtain your quote.