Caravans, campervans and trailers

Is your vehicle higher than 1.85 metres?

Easy to manoeuvre

To cater for your vehicle’s size we will allocate you space in our single deck carriages. They are twice as high as the double deck carriages and the entrances much wider so you can easily manoeuvre. During the crossing you stay with your vehicle.

Safety carrying fixed LPG tanks for domestic services - We are aware LPG tanks are essential for cooking, refrigeration, heating etc, but request the appliance is switched off before boarding and during the entire crossing. Tanks up to 47kg may be carried, but must be less than 80% full. For your own safety and the safety of others, you will need to demonstrate this before you travel.

If, like many caravan owners you prefer to travel outside peak periods. You will benefit from our flexible fares structure. Plus you can cover your caravan and/or trailer on our LeShuttle European Breakdown product.

Important Information

  • We regret that LPG (or equivalent flammable gas) vehicles cannot be transported by LeShuttle even if it is being used as a secondary fuel source. However other dual powered vehicles can be accepted e.g. petrol/electric. Check the acceptability of your vehicle.

  • Transport of gas containers to power domestic services for caravans, campervans, vehicles fitted out as a campervan are restricted. Check gas transport conditions.