Vehicle types

Booking with a modified vehicle

If your vehicle is larger and specially modified to accommodate your needs, please call us to book to ensure the best price. You will need to be able to provide evidence of the requirements or modifications in order to receive the discount. Call to book: +44 (0) 3443 35 35 35


  • If you are planning on taking a rented or leased vehicle abroad, including company cars, you must carry a VE103 certificate. Further information can be found at the following link:

  • If travelling with a campervan, caravan or van, any gas container must be declared when asked, and will be checked at the appropriate checkpoint by Eurotunnel.

    Transport of gas containers to power domestic services* for caravans, campervans is restricted. Please click here to check these restrictions.

    Gas containers must be switched off whilst travelling and connection systems must be in good condition.

    Opening the container tap or using domestic services is strictly forbidden until the vehicle has unloaded on the opposite terminal.

    Note: Containers must be easy of access by our staff for any check.

    Eurotunnel reserves the right to cancel your journey in case of non compliance with the conditions expressed above.

    Read more about gas transport.
    Read more about conditions of carriage.

    *cooking, refrigeration, heating and water heaters

  • Oxygen is permitted for travel on the passenger shuttles. We do not have a fixed limit for how many cylinders can be carried. However between 2-3 bottles for personal use would be the normal amount carried.

    Customers must declare gas cylinders at the check-in booth, 50kg of gas with a maximum of 47kg permitted in a single container.

  • The maximum dimensions we are able to carry in our passenger carriages are as follows:

    • Length: 18m (The maximum length for a car and caravan or trailer including bumpers, tow bars and any over hanging load.)
    • Height: 4.2m
    • Width: 2.55m (plus mirrors)
    • Light commercial goods maximum weight: 3.5 tonnes (however the Passenger Shuttle will allow exceptional vehicles such as campervans and coaches up to 25 tonnes maximum gross weight on a wagon)
  • Eurotunnel Le Shuttle does not have any parking facilities so you will be required to meet fellow travellers elsewhere. There are two car parks that we can recommend due to their close proximity to our terminal however, these car parks are not Eurotunnel Le Shuttle owned and therefore Eurotunnel Le Shuttle accepts no responsibility for anything that may occur whilst your vehicle is parked at either location.

    STOP 24 Services

    Parking is £5 per car/day.
    Tickets can be bought through a pay-by-phone system with instructions in the car park.

    At junction 11 off M20

    Christ Embassy Parking

    Parking is £5 per car/day
    Telephone - 01303 270970 (press 2) / 07922 565452

  • Additional fuel may be carried up to the following limits:
    Plastic containers: 3 x 10 litres
    Metal containers: 1 x 20 litres
    (A maximum total of 30 litres)

  • We do not accept any vehicles that are fitted with LPG or dual fuel tanks. If ever Eurotunnel Le Shuttle decides to make a change to the LPG policy, it will be made public, and customers will be informed.

    Unsure which fuel-type your vehicle uses?