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Now available for iOS and Android

Securely store your information

My Eurotunnel is secured using industry standard practices and techniques.

Store your vehicles

If you travel frequently with friends or family, My Eurotunnel is the most convenient way to store and use information on all your vehicles.

  • No need to remember details every time you book
  • Choose from your saved vehicles when booking
  • Automatically use your favourite/default vehicle

Advance Passenger Information (API)

We now offer a secure way to store and use your passport or identifying documents on all future bookings.

  • Store your details, and all regular travellers to your account
  • One-click adding of passengers
  • Automatically add regular passengers

...and pets are part of the family too

Don't leave anyone behind on your holidays

  • Add your pets by name for future bookings
  • Save microchip numbers for faster pet check-in
  • One-click adding of saved pets to a booking
  • Automatically add pets on bookings

Fully secured storage of payment methods

Need to make a booking quickly and securely?

  • Saved multiple payment cards
  • Choose a default card for speedy bookings
  • Industry standard security and authentication

The My Eurotunnel App

  • The app is available on the Apple App Store, and Google Play store.

    App_Store.png   Google_Play_Store.png

  • Bookings made with your My Eurotunnel app or account can take a few minutes for it to be displayed in the app. Usually by the time you receive your booking confirmation email it should be visible.

    If it's not visible, on the home screen or booking tab, pull-down-to-refresh to retrieve the latest data, or force-close the app and re-open it.

    Guest bookings (bookings not made with your account) will not be available in the app, and cannot be added to it.

  • No - Only bookings made using your My Eurotunnel account are available in the app.

    To avoid disappointment, ensure you create an account or log in before booking!

  • Before contacting us for help, most issues can be solved by trying one of the 3 options below:

    1. Force-close, and then re-open the app (How to on iOS and Android)
    2. Log out of the app and back in (How-to log out of the app)
    3. Uninstall the app and reinstall the latest version from the app store (iOS and Android)

    Still need help? Contact us for support

    1. Tap "More" on the bottom menu bar
    2. Scroll to Stored Information and tap Profile
    3. Scroll down to the Logout button, and tap it.

    You are now logged out of the app.

  • For iOS, the app is supported on devices running iOS14 and newer.

    For Android, the app is supported on devices running Android 8.

    On older devices, some features and functionality may be degraded or not available.

  • For the app to function at it's best, it requires Location services to be enabled (set to Always and Precise Location) and Notifications.


    Location services

    Our app uses your current location, only when you have an upcoming booking) to trigger push-notifications that provide assistance getting to our check-in booths, advise of potential disruption or delays, and assistance on our terminal and boarding.




    In conjunction with Location services, and details about your booking, we will send you push notifications  about important pre-travel requirements, driving directions, disruption to your planned departure, advice and guidance while on our terminals and boarding notifications if selected.

    On your day of travel, we recommend ensuring the app is open (in the background is fine) and logged into your account.

  • Ensure you have allowed both Push Notifications and Location services (set to Always, and enable Precise Location) on your device for the My Eurotunnel app. Both of these are required in order for the app to work correctly.


  • If you have switched between English or French since reopening the app, you will need to fully/force close the app and reopen it for it to use your selected language.