Best culinary hot spots in Bruges

There' s more to Belgium than delicious chocolate – here are some of the best traditional delights and delicacies to sample whilst you' re in Bruges.

Known to many as 'the little Venice of the North', this famous medieval city offers more than just stunning scenery and beautiful architecture. Bruges is renowned for its culinary delights and fine delicacies, so you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to places to dine! I am a self-confessed foodie, so I always look forward to tasting the range of delights the Belgians have to offer.

While you're there, you simply must treat yourself to a filling Flemish stew, frites with mayonnaise and locally brewed beer. I've pulled together a list of top-rated restaurants to help make your trip to Bruges extra special:

Bistro Den Huzaar

This traditional bistro serves the best hearty, local food. If you're a fan of large portions, then this place will not disappoint! Enjoy your meal on the charming little patio and immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere. I highly recommend the pork cheeks – they melt in your mouth!

Pieter Pourbus

This charming restaurant is located in the historic house that artist Pieter Pourbus lived in during the period of the 'Flemish Primitives'. I love to visit whenever I am in town because it's warm and homely - the staff treat their guests like family. You must try the T-bone steak – it's delicious!

Porto Romano

Tucked away in the corner of Bruges is this hidden gem, serving the best of Belgian cuisine with a Portuguese influence. This family-run restaurant is popular with the locals, and if you are a seafood fan, the prawn and monkfish skewers are a must! Once you discover Porto Romano, you'll definitely be going back.

Den Gouden Harynck

This Michelin starred restaurant is located in a back street near the popular art gallery, Groeninge Museum, so you can work up an appetite viewing some of the city's most ground-breaking art and reflect on your experience over a fancy four-course meal. On my last visit I sampled their tasting menu – the seed crusted fillet of bream was cooked to perfection. I suggest you try this place if you are celebrating a special occasion, or simply want to round off your holiday with a memorable meal!

 Den Gouden Harynck (Dishes)
Den Gouden Harynck (Dishes)

This list only scratches the surface when it comes to where to dine in Bruges; Belgium has so much to offer and I hope you have a fantastic time exploring its wonderful culinary culture!