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Dog Friendly Walks

The best places in France and Belgium to take your dog!


France and Belgium are wonderful countries to visit. Not only are they full of cultural, historic and beautiful places, their proximity to England means that you can pop over for a quick weekend, or you can plan a longer stay. Even better, with the introduction of pet passports, you can take your pet along with you! 

But, there’s not much point in bringing your dog on holiday with you if you don’t know where to take them! The French and Belgians love their dogs, but there are a few restrictions on where they can go. It’s best to keep your pooch on a lead when walking- and don’t forget bags to clean up their mess!   

Dog-Friendly Beaches Near Calais 

It’s definitely worth checking if you can take your dog to the beaches that you’re staying near. There are some that simply don’t allow dogs at all, and others that are only accessible at certain times of the day. Make sure you always keep your dog on a lead, as for many dog friendly beaches, this is mandatory.

Fortunately, there are plenty of beaches within a short three-hour drive of Calais where dogs are welcome:

  • Berck-sur-Mer- On a lead, outside swimming areas

58-minute drive from Calais

  • Le Touquet-Paris-Plage-  On the unguarded beach, on a lead

55-minute drive from Calais

  • Veulettes-sur-Mer- on a lead, outside swimming areas  

 2-hour, 38-minute drive from Calais

Dog-Friendly Walks

There’s much more to France than its famous cities. With a sweeping scenic countryside, you can be sure to find a relaxing spot for your holiday. And what’s better, as long as your dog’s on a lead, they can come along too!      

  • Sangatte  

16-minute drive from Calais

When you walk through France, you want to see the amazing views! Sangatte is very close to Calais, and boasts the beautiful Cap Blanc Nez. Walk to the top and admire the stunning sea views. Just be careful not to throw your dog’s ball too near to the edge!     

  • Sentier des Douaniers 

 2-hour, 39-minute drive from Calais

This is a beautiful coastal pathway, and you’ll discover stunning sights as well as the wonders of the outdoors, no matter which part of the pathway you choose to take. Whether you are an experienced walker who wants to spend all day marching along the pathway, or you just fancy a more casual stroll, this pathway has something for everyone (and every dog)! Find out more here.


  •  Bruges 

 1-hour, 24-minute drive from Calais

You don’t have to rely on the countryside for beautiful walks with your dog. The historic city of Bruges is a great walking city for people and pooches alike! Walk along the pretty canals, take in the historic architecture and don’t forget to snap some shots of the famous Belfry! Belgium is incredibly dog-friendly. As long as your pooch is well-behaved, they can pretty much have the run of the cities!

Getting to France with your pet

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