Find the Fairy-Tale Magic of Efteling

Efteling is the park where all your magical dreams come true. Discover this enchanting world!

If you’re anything like me, you love the magical and mystical. Of course, as someone who spends a lot of holidays driving through the outstanding scenery of France, Germany and more, I am used to seeing the fantastic. Though sometimes my heart calls out for something that isn’t rooted in realism. I want something beyond real. I want magic.

‘Magic’ is the reason I always try to make a real effort to visit Efteling Park, in the Netherlands. It’s one of the oldest theme parks in the world, and is based on fairy-tales, myths, legends as well as all things enchanted! Each section of the park is inspired by these magical stories; this is definitely the place for fairy-tale lovers.

From the littlest people to the biggest grown-ups (like me!), it’s hard for people to visit Efteling without feeling some sense of wonder. What can you do there? I could natter on for hours about this, so I’m glad that you’ve asked!

1. Droomvlucht

Experience the dreamiest flight on Droomvulcht

Experience the dreamiest flight on Droomvulcht

This is the most famous attraction at Efteling. You haven’t really visited unless you go to the Droomvlucht, so make sure it’s number one on your itinerary. Enter this dark world and float seamlessly through dreams. You’ll fly past floating castles, elves and stars that shine like polished diamonds. The best part? You’re in just as much wonderment as the children!

2. Fight Dragons

wooden rollercoaster

Fight dragons when you take a trip on the wooden rollercoaster! Will you succeed?

Efteling has a lot more to offer than mystical dreamlands. If you’re visiting the park alongside some daring souls, you need to experience Joris en de Draak. Ride this wooden rollercoaster, and attempt to defeat the ferocious woken dragon. There are two trains; one must try to win with water, the other with fire. What will you choose? And will you be successful?

3. Fill Up on Traditional Dutch Pancakes  

It’s probably wise to leave the scrumptious treats until after you’ve been on the rollercoasters! When you’re all tuckered out from slaying dragons and loop-the-looping, head over to Polles Keuken for Dutch pancakes (sweet and savoury), and indulge in gigantic royal desserts, fit for a king. It’s the perfect place for very hungry adventurers!

4. Experience the Entertainment

Efteling Fountains

Efteling has the jaw dropping entertainment. Make sure you catch a show!

To leave reality behind and enter the land of make-believe, you need a good dose of entertainment. From Europe’s largest water show, an exciting show of stunt horses, magic tricks, and yes, more dragons! There is a show for every age, so make sure that you put aside enough time in your day to go.

5. Live the Fairy-Tale Life for a Bit Longer

Efteling village

Live the fairy-tale for a bit longer, and stay in the Efteling village

As someone who loves Efteling, I know that there is so much to see and do, you need to spend some real time there. So, when I can, I love to grab my family and friends and stay overnight in the village. Like a real fairy-tale, families can sleep in a cosy cottage, overlooking the beautiful lake and woods. Finally, you’re a character in your favourite fairy-tale - just remember to avoid gingerbread houses and don’t talk to wolves!


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