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France's Top Foodie Towns

Some of the best (and romantic) towns and cities in France for real foodies. Discover what to see, and eat, in these beautiful French towns!

We all know that France is known as ‘foodie heaven’ - the place to go to indulge in fine food. Each region of France is known for its own cuisine, from the Michelin starred restaurants of Paris, to the freshly caught seafood of the coastal regions. There is a dish for everybody to enjoy, and for your next visit, we’d recommend packing some stretchy clothes for the drive home…


Nestled in the foot of the Alps, Grenoble is known for its cable car system ‘Les Bulles’, taking visitors to the ancient fortifications that look over the city. Perhaps more importantly in this case, it is also known for its delicious food. Influenced by its neighbouring city, Lyon, this is the place to go for traditional French cuisine!

Traditional Grenoble Dish

From the nearby Dauphiné comes ‘Gratin Dauphiné’. This is a truly indulgent side dish, made with thinly sliced potatoes covered in cream, garlic and cheese. Baked until crispy and golden brown on top, and soft and creamy underneath, enjoy the dish with a slow cooked leg of lamb, or venison.

What better place to sample Gratin Dauphiné than at the Gratin Dauphinois restaurant? With six different types to choose from, you’ll certainly feel very spoiled here!

Gratin Dauphinois

Gratin Dauphinois


Lille is one of the largest cities in France, and located very near to the Belgium boarder. This means you get a great mix of French and Belgium culture in this historic city. During your visit to Lille, visit the renowned art galleries, treat yourself to a shopping trip, and sample its famed sweet treats!

Traditional Lille Dish: 

For those with a real sweet tooth, make sure to head to Lille for some scrumptious Méert’s waffles. Famously loved by Leopold I, King of Belgium, these were first created by Monsieur Méert in 1849, and contain a rich vanilla filling. The shop itself is beautiful, filled with quirky vintage items that will send your Instagram into overdrive. So, on your next trip to Lille, make sure you dine like a King and pay a visit to Méert.

Indulge with Lille waffles

Indulge with Lille waffles


Located in Southwestern France, Perpignan is a commune and city. It was the continental capital of the Kingdom of Majorca in the 14th and 15th centuries. Near to the Mediterranean coast, and home to historic castles, there is so much you can see and do here! Did you know, that in the 12th century, Perpignan was a self-governing commune, and was formally part of the County of Barcelona? With so much unique history to uncover, there’ll hardly be time to eat, but we’re sure you’ll find room to fit in a meal or two! 

Traditional Perpignan Dish:

As Perpignan is close to the beaches, make the most out of your opportunity to sample some beautiful local seafood. We all know that France is famed for its moules-frites (mussels and chips!), and what could be better than this delicious cuisine? With a flavoursome white wine sauce and a glass of something lovely, this beautiful city is the perfect backdrop to an authentic French meal. What a way to spend a holiday!

What’s more French than moules-frites?

What’s more French than moules-frites?


Reims is famed for its Champagne production, and perfect for a liquid lunch! You can find some of the largest and most celebrated Champagne houses in Reims, many of which are open for tours and tastings.  Take a guided tour and venture through the historic caves, stroll through the vineyards and discover how Champagne is produced (as well as trying a glass for yourself!).  The Reims tourist board have a great list of Champagne tours for you to take a look at.

Traditional Reims Dish:

Best enjoyed with a glass of the local Champagne or red wine, Biscuits roses de Reims are a pink sweet treat that were first created by Fossier’s Confectioners in the 18th century. The biscuits are made out of basic ingredients, including eggs, flour, sugar and vanilla-flour, but the recipe is something of a fine delicacy that remains a hidden secret. The treats are covered in icing sugar and have a crunchy texture, meaning they’re perfect for dunking - simply delicious!

Discover the delicious Biscuits roses de Reims of Reims

Discover the delicious Biscuits roses de Reims of Reims
Is your mouth salivating at the thought of vanilla filled waffles, Champagne and indulgent side dishes? Us too! Travel from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes and book your French foodie retreat today.