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Nausicaá, Boulogne-sur-Mer

In May 2018, Nausicaá became the biggest aquarium in Europe with the opening of a gigantic extension.

Enjoy an unforgettable experience with your friends and family at the biggest aquarium in Europe.

Discover all of the ocean’s secrets, its treasures, as well as its fragility with three captivating tours: “In the Eye of the Climate” and its immersive 430 sq.m room, “Journey on the High Seas”, and “Mankind and Shores”. All the exhibitions have been designed to make you feel closer to the animals and enjoy a unique, fun-filled experience!

This year Nausicáa celebrates its 30th Anniversary. During this time, the centre has been dedicated to not only offering an exciting way to discover and learn about our oceans, but also to protecting them.

Over the past 30 years, 17 million visitors have been made aware of the fragility of the oceans. Since opening, Nausicaá has been committed to and participated in conservation programmes, research activities and breeding programmes: more than 2,000 animals are born at Nausicáa each year to contribute to biodiversity conservation.

Fun for all the family

New! In the Eye of the Climate Exhibition

The first immersive experience in the heart of the climate whirlwind at Nausicaá.

In the Eye of the Climate: hurricanes, melting ice caps, rising sea levels…

Get ready for a spectacular journey into the heart of the effects of global warming in a completely new experience at Nausicaá. Face the consequences of global warming in a 430m2 immersive space of floor-to-ceiling screens.

Plunge into a unique immersive experience and discover your power to act!

Sea lion training

Sea lion training

Visitors have entered a world of marine parks and big open spaces. They discover the sea lions while inside a glass tunnel suspended in a million litres of water. At Nausicaá, every activity is designed to improve the daily lives of its resident animals. Nausicaá is at the cutting edge of medical training and has received several awards for its work.

Lagoon fish feeding

Lagoon Fish Feeding

At the lagoon, join the feeding of the aquarium’s coral reef fish. The handlers will present you different species such as angelfish, surgeonfish, coalfish or batfish. They will explain some of their specificities including their diet. Come and see a ballet of 3,000 dancers!

The Touch Tank

The touch Tank

The Touch Tank gives you the chance to get hands-on with some marine fauna. Ray, cod, turbot, and halibut gather in the pool, where they let you stroke them or swim to your hands for a caress!

The biggest new attractions

The Great Spectacle of the Ocean

The great spectacle of the Ocean

Discover the immense window and be immersed in the deep blue sea at the heart of the new exhibition. You are face to face with Pacific ocean species such as the sunfish, the manta ray and the grey shark. The collection of fauna seen through the immense window reproduces the seabed that man rarely gets to see up close.

Under the Ocean

Fully immerse yourself in the 18-metre long tunnel

Cross the big tank in the 18-metre-long tunnel to get face to face with the species living in the Ocean. Take the immersive tunnel to Malpelo Island and wander around amongst the sea creatures. Stroll around among manta rays in the calm, soothing atmosphere…and duck when a grey shark skims over your head. A unique experience amongst the Ocean’s marvels.

Did you know?

  • 58,000 animals
  • 1,600 different species
  • 17,000m3: the total volume of water at Nausicaá
  • 10,000m3: the volume of water in the biggest tank of Europe
  • 6 weeks to completely fill the big tank
  • 2,000 births a year

Top tips!

Make more of your visit! Have you always dreamed of finding out what goes on behind the scenes? You can now enjoy a Backstage tour.

  • Newly designed food service area in an exceptional setting
  • Nausicaa has new mobile app: it will guide you through your visit and provide you with useful information


  • Adults:

    • High season (July and August)  : €30.00

    • Low season (except July and August) : €28.50

  • Children (age 3 to 12 inclusive):

    • High season (July and August)  : €23.00

    • Low season (except July and August) : €21.50

  • Free for children under age 3

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Opening hours:

Nausicaá is temporarily closed

Open daily: 9:30am to 6:30pm
During French school holidays: 9:30pm to 7pm
During summer break (July and August): 9:30am to 8pm
Visit duration: about 4 hours (recommended)
Possibility to have lunch outside the site, at a downtown restaurant (with a stamp).

Nausicaá National Sealife Centre

An unforgettable deep sea adventure... Less than a 20-minute drive on the motorway from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle's Calais Terminal.

Nausicaá - Centre National de la Mer
Boulevard Sainte Beuve
62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer

    • Face masks are compulsory for all visitors aged 11 and over, and recommended for children aged 6 and over.
    • Due to COVID-19, there will initially be restrictions on the number of people allowed into the centre.
    • We recommend booking tickets online. Booking an arrival timeslot will allow us to better manage the flows and welcome our visitors under the best conditions. During this special period, it will not be possible to return to the exhibition once you have left.
    • The tour circuit has been planned to ensure a one-way flow and allow you to see all the exhibition spaces.
    • To guarantee a free-flowing visit and avoid visitors grouping together in confined spaces the daily events have been suspended.
    • Audio guides are available.

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