Travelling with Pets

Taking Your Pet Abroad

Find the best tips for taking your four-legged friend with you on LeShuttle!

For many, a family holiday means bringing the whole family which, of course, includes our pets! Luckily, LeShuttle is award winning when it comes to pet travel and has been voted for by pet customers for being pawsome! So you know you and your furry, feathered or scaled friend are in good hands/paws.

Holiday packing is always improved by the help of a checklist, so make sure you refer to this when getting your pet ready for travel:

Dogs (puppies must be over 12 weeks old), cats and ferrets travel from £22 each way (Registered Guide and Assistance Dogs travel free*) and should:

  • Have the correct documentation, please click here for more information’ (no teeth or smiling in the photo!)
  • Have an up-to-date microchip
  • Have had their rabies vaccination

Make sure you’ve checked everything you have to do before taking your pet on holiday!

Reminder: If you're a dog owner, remember to give your pooch their tapeworm treatment. This must be given no less than one day and no more than five days before returning to the UK.

Please remember that all pets require a rabies vaccination (not reptiles, amphibians or fish). Only five pets per vehicle can travel (both ways)**.

When you start your journey, you’ll want your pet to be as comfortable as possible. After all, everybody wants to travel in comfort, including your pets!

With LeShuttle, your pet stays in the car with you. You don’t have to worry about leaving your pet alone and you are there to comfort him / her throughout the whole journey. It’s the perfect way to travel!

The perfect way to travel for your pet to be comfortable

In your car, make sure that your pet has the following

  • Favourite treats
  • Plenty of water
  • Blanket and bed
  • Spare collars, leads, beds and toilet bags
  • Maybe even a toy, or two!

Make sure you plan driving breaks ahead of your journey, so that your pet can run around and use up their energy. Nobody needs an over-excited pet in the car when they’re driving on the ‘wrong side of the road’!

At LeShuttle, we have dedicated pet exercise areas, complimentary dog waste bags, and your pet stays with you for the short 35 minute journey!

Bring your pet to one of our Pet Areas so they can stretch their legs

Tip: There is also a pet exercise area behind the fuel garage once you’ve disembarked your shuttle on arrival in the UK. This is a great place to quickly stop off at, so your pet is ready for the next journey ahead.

Pet Reception

When travelling to France or the UK, you must bring your pet to the pet reception at either the Calais or Folkestone terminal before boarding your train. You may also be able to use the drive thru at the Calais terminal, if signage indicates it is open.

  • Check your pet in at least 1 hour (and no more than 2 hours) before you’re booked to leave. Remember to bring your booking reference number to the pet reception.
  • When travelling to France, you will be issued a pet referral hanger at check-in. You must then head towards the pet reception in the passenger terminal building where all relevant pet checks will be carried out. You can then proceed to your shuttle.
  • When travelling to the UK, after you’ve checked your pet in, display your sticker clearly and head to the check-in.

Hopefully, all your questions about travelling with your pets have been answered. It’s so easy with LeShuttle.

For the latest pet travel information, please visit the DEFRA website.

Our new Pet Reception in Folkestone

The more the merrier with LeShuttle! It only takes 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais. Your pet can see a new side to the world in no time! 

*When accompanying their owner. An official registration certificate will have to be presented at the pet reception on both our UK and French terminals prior to travel, together with the dog's travel documentation.
**If you wish to travel with between 6 to 20 animals (maximum) from Calais to Folkestone, please check our Pet Travel page.

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