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Discover the many worlds of Pairi Daiza

Looking for paradise? Head to Pairi Daiza to see beautiful gardens and over 4,000 different animals.

Pairi Daiza is a truly unique place. It’s so much more than a zoo, with thousands of animals from across the globe, plus stunning examples of cultural architecture and experiences. There’s truly something for everyone and you can even stay in the park’s resort, which provides both luxury accommodation and the chance to get up close to nature.

Driving to Pairi Daiza from Calais

Pairi Daiza is in Belgium. Specifically, the park is in Brugelette, between the larger towns of Mons and Ath, which from Calais will take around 2 and a half hours to drive to. Even though this isn’t a long drive, you may wish to plan a couple of stops en route. We recommend Lille and Tournai which both lie on the most direct route to the park from Calais via the A25.

The park has its own large car parks, charging around €9 per day.

panda bear relaxing in greenery

Discover the worlds of Pairi Daiza

There are eight ‘worlds’ to explore when you visit, each with its own beautiful landscapes and animals.

The Kingdom of Ganesha

Inspired by Indonesia, here you will see elephants, white tigers, and macaque monkeys. The architecture in this world is impressive, featuring temples and sculptures of deities Ganesha, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, and Buddha.

Be sure to visit The Flower Temple, at its feet you will find Asian otters and meerkats at play!

The Middle Kingdom

Drawing on ancestral China, many head to this world to see the giant pandas and Asian black bears. However, there’s also the stunning Chinese gardens, where it is recommended that you go barefoot to experience the healing effects of the landscape best.

If you’re looking for more adventure, try the hanging bridges, suspended 300 metres above The Middle Kingdom.

The Land of the Cold

Reindeer, Siberian tigers, and polar bears can all be found in this world, as well as two working steam locomotives: the Brigadelok and Las, that date from 1917 and 1954. You can visit the workshop where they were lovingly restored or take a ride through the park.

The resort at Pairi Daiza offers rooms which are just like sleeping in a snow cave, but a lot cozier of course!


Head to this world to see a huge variety of birds. From spix’s macaw to Himalayan griffon, keep your eyes peeled for brightly coloured wings as you explore. On the ground you can spot adorable alpacas and calm capybaras too.

To align with Pairi Daiza’s mission to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, take a horse and cart through this world to see the sights at a gentler pace.

Beautiful striped tiger lying on a rock with green foliage behind


Become an intrepid explorer of the sea here, visiting African penguins, harbour seals, and South African fur seals. Meander through the Mysterious Cabinet of the Explorer, an exhibition that features a cursed doll from Victorian England (it is rumoured that it is impossible to take the same photograph of the doll twice) and a real meteorite from Argentina.

The Land of Origins

Here you will find big cats, majestic elephants, and amazing primates, surrounded by African architecture and landscapes. The three restaurants in this world serve traditional cuisine and don’t miss a stop at the African stilt village, transporting you to French-speaking West Africa.

The Land of Origins is where the endangered pygmy hippopotamus resides, but they’re notoriously shy, so keep your eyes peeled!

The Southern Cape

Wildlife and flora from Tasmania, New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea can be found here, including koala bears and red kangaroos. Be sure to see the short-beaked echidna, a spiky little creature that is one of only five mammals that can lay eggs.

The Last Frontier

Wander this world inspired by British Columbia and Southern Alaska. The resort features accommodation inspired by traditional British Columbian structures, including totem poles and sculptures. Nestled in your cosy lodge, you’ll be staying close by to grey wolves, Eurasian brown bears, and fallow deer.

ornate stone bridge over water leading to views of greenery

Planning your visit to Pairi Daiza

Make sure your visit runs smoothly by planning ahead.

Opening hours

Pairi Daiza is open:

  • From May 18, 2020 to November 11, 2020
  • From December 12, 2020 to January 3, 2021
  • And from February 13, 2021 to March 19, 2021

The park opens at 10am and closes at 6pm


Pairi Daiza recommends that you buy tickets online before your visit to guarantee access to the Chinese Gardens, which can only accommodate a limited number of people per day.

For the most up to date ticket prices, we recommend you visit the park’s site directly, as these are subject to change each season.

Refreshment facilities

There is plenty to offer a foodie at Pairi Daiza, with each world offering its own cultural cuisines. Sample Chinese delicacies, African dishes, or French treats, or take advantage of one of the picnic areas which are located in the Land of the Cold and in the Kingdom of Ganesha.

two adults and a child in a yellow coat on suspension bridge above the green park amongst the trees

Accommodation at Pairi Daiza

Pairi Daiza offers a wonderful opportunity to stay in the very heart of some of its worlds. You can book rooms that grant views into the animal’s habitats, including polar bears and sea lions, viewing them from above, in panoramic view, or tête-à-tête (head to head). Whichever accommodation you choose, it is sure to be a unique experience.


Paddling Bear Hotel offers 18 family-sized rooms close to the sea lions in The Last Frontier world. Comfy beds and beautifully decorated rooms make this a perfect place to rest your head after a day exploring the park.


Paddling bear lodge, full moon lodge, and the native village are all equipped with comfy bedrooms, kitchen space and a living room, with some offering saunas too. The ultimate in relaxation, take the family to stay in these beautiful spaces after all the fun of experiencing the animals, architecture and activities of Pairi Daiza.

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Take the family to Pairi Daiza with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

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