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Top tips for calming anxious cats

Contemplating a journey with your feline friend? Look at these tips from Arden Grange pet foods to help ease their anxiety and promote a more relaxed journey for both of you.

At LeShuttle, we pride ourselves on being the number one pet-friendly cross-channel travel service, where your cat will stay with you in the car for the short 35-minute crossing. However, we understand they can become anxious when travelling. Here are some top tips from our friends at Arden Grange to get your cat ready for their trip. 

Before you leave….

Be organised

The regulations for travelling with your pet vary depending on the country you plan to visit. Refer to official Government guidelines for comprehensive information on taking your pet abroad. Make sure that your pet's vet certifications, vaccinations, and parasite treatments are current and do all of this well in advance of your trip!  Your vet may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests.

Picking cat friendly accommodation

Ensure the accommodation you select is both safe and welcoming for your cat and be mindful of any additional charges associated with bringing your feline companion. Pack some items that can enhance the new environment, such as safe and engaging toys, scratch mats, or posts. Provide opportunities for your cat to exercise, scratch, stretch, and climb, while also ensuring undisturbed areas for sleeping, eating, and using the litter box.

Make a meal plan

Ensure that your cat's preferred food is available at your chosen destination as sudden dietary changes can affect feline health and behaviour. Reduce the risk of an adverse response to food ingredients by feeding a naturally hypoallergenic diet free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, such as Arden Grange. If you're unable to access your cat’s regular diet during your trip, consider transitioning to their holiday food a few weeks before departure. Always introduce changes to your pet's diet gradually over a 7-day period.

On your journey….

Keep calm

Cats possess a keen sensitivity to abrupt changes in their home and family routine. When getting ready to depart, maintain a serene environment by avoiding hurried activities, and conceal the travel box until the final moments. Explore natural remedies crafted to soothe cats by replicating natural feline pheromones, which are easily accessible and can be applied as a spray or drops onto bedding and blankets.

Safety first

It is a legal requirement for all animals to be suitably restrained when travelling in a vehicle. You will need to make sure you have a suitable pet carrier that can be strapped in securely with no sliding. Your cat may meow on the journey but don’t be tempted to take them out. An unsecured pet can be unpredictable and a dangerous distraction to a driver.  Do not leave pets unattended and remember temperatures in the vehicle can rise incredibly rapidly so keep your cat cool in the car.

A comfortable journey

Place something soft and absorbent inside your pet carrier or underneath your cat to address potential nausea or tummy upsets during travel. To prevent these issues, refrain from feeding your cat a large meal before departure. Consider covering the top and sides of the carrier with a blanket to create a darker environment, promoting a sense of calm and security. Recognising that a cat's sense of hearing is more acute than ours, keep the stereo volume low if playing music during the trip.

About the author

Arden Grange was born from a love of pets. With nutrition without compromise and pet health at the core of the brand, Arden Grange has been providing a nutritious, naturally hypoallergenic diets for dogs and cats for over 25 years. All our foods are made with exceptional ingredients and powerful natural supplements to help your pet achieve optimum health and wellbeing.

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