Social Distancing Holidays

Preparing for a social distancing holiday in Europe

Let us help you get ready for your next holiday post-lockdown. From packing to staying safe, we can help.

A number of European borders have now opened for EU and Schengen area travel, but how do you get ready for the holiday you’re about to go on? We will cover some of the precautions you should take and guidance to follow. We will update this piece as regularly as this changes, but always check the latest government advice here.

Check travel advice for your destination

Each destination may have a slightly different set of rules and regulations. Eurotunnel Le Shuttle can take you from Folkestone in the UK to Calais, France in just 35 minutes, where you may wish to drive to other regions of France or further. Please note the latest advice from the FCO on travel for UK Citizens can be found here. For those with a second home in France, it is fine to visit and stay here if there are any social distancing regulations, and as long as you follow any social distancing measures in place in the local area and beyond.

Always check the specific advice for your destination.

Choose your destination wisely

Make sure that where you are heading allows for travellers and will provide safe activities for a holiday. For example, it’s probably best to choose places with space for you to distance from others and minimise contact. Larger beaches and hiking destinations are great examples of locations where there will be space to enjoy your natural surroundings, without crowds. Gorges du Verdon is a fantastic area of natural beauty to hike through, or if you want to take a four-legged friend, we know a place or two.

Ensure you are fit to travel

You must only travel if you are well enough. If you have shown any signs of COVID-19, you must stay home. If you don't have COVID-19 symptoms but are otherwise ill, it's not advisable to travel. Put your health first and only go on holiday if you and everyone in your party is well.

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Packing your vehicle for your journey

The beauty of travelling with Eurotunnel is you can pack for every eventuality. This covers outdoor activity equipment, camping supplies, and clothing for any weather. It may also be a good idea to pack hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, and disposable masks if you do not have one you can regularly wash. The NHS provide a travel health checklist that is very handy, too, so consider this alongside your favourite clothing.

Travelling to our Folkestone terminal

Before you make a booking with us, please read our COVID-19 advice page. It will help you prepare for your arrival at our Folkestone terminal. In line with current regulations, our terminal buildings are open with social distancing measures in place. We have a one-way system to help you navigate your way around and toilets are available.

There are more toilet facilities available in the allocation lanes, please use them as the toilets on the shuttles are closed, plus you must remain in your car while on the shuttle to comply with social distancing advice. There is also a health declaration form to fill out before you cross the border, which you will find in both English and French on our COVID-19 advice page.

Arriving in Calais

When you arrive in Calais, you drive off the shuttle and straight onto the motorway. The journey from Folkestone takes 35 mins and we are currently asking everyone to stay in their vehicle for the short crossing. We advise checking the route you will take from Calais to your final destination for places you may stop and use facilities such as toilets and places to eat.

cars on an autoroute in France

Driving to your destination

You can set your own pace to your destination, driving on France’s excellently-maintained roads past some beautiful countryside. There are many petrol stations across France’s motorway network, where you can get something to eat and drink too. It is best to plan your stops in advance in line with any regulations around social distancing and access to certain stops.

What to do when you arrive

When you arrive at your destination, it’s a good idea to wash the clothes you travelled in as soon as possible, and freshen up by washing your hands (following the 20 seconds advice from the government). Then you can unpack and relax, ready for your well-deserved break.

Staying safe on holiday

To keep you and your loved ones safe while you’re away, make sure you follow social distancing rules where asked to by authorities, minimise your contact with others, and wear gloves and a mask if required in certain spaces. Don’t take any risks with your health or the people around you so you can enjoy your holiday and stay fit and healthy throughout.

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Before you return home

If you have developed symptoms of COVID-19 while on holiday, the French government advises people to call 112 and “not go directly to the doctor or emergency services."

Calling 112 will allow for specific advice to be provided for your situation, although it is most likely that you will be asked to self-isolate in the first instance.

Arriving home

Please make sure you are aware of the latest public health and quarantine measures in place in the United Kingdom at present. The current rules for returning to the UK are outlined by the government, here.

Start your holiday with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Eurotunnel is the safest way to take a holiday in Europe for now. Our terminals are open, with social distancing rules in place, plus a marked one-way-system to help everyone to stay safe. You stay in your own vehicle for the duration of your journey, too. Find an exciting location to explore from our social distancing holidays selection and have a wonderful holiday.

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