Travel from Folkestone to Calais in just 35 minutes. All ticket prices include your vehicle and up to 9 passengers and with no luggage fees or size restrictions you can pack as much as you want.

March Sale

Whether you’re looking for 4 days in the mountains or a night in Le Touquet, or even just to pop over to Calais to pick up some lunch or shopping. Book before the 24th March with 20% off in our flash Spring Sale. Travel until 30th June 2024*
*Terms & exclusion dates apply

Benefit from a LeShuttle membership

  • Exclusive offers from our partners, including Oliver’s Travels, Into The Blue & Cinema Society
  • Members-only ticket offers
  • Amazing monthly free to enter competitions
  • Make, import & manage bookings all in one place
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  • Whether you are driving to the Continent for business or pleasure, we have a range of tickets and fares to suit your travel needs and budget. All fares include your car and up to 9 passengers. What's more, we do not charge fuel or luggage supplements. So more of you can travel for less!

    You can find out all about our ticket types here

  • Usually yes, but occasionally we need to restrict this at peak times or during degraded service or disruption.

    We strongly advise purchasing a ticket in advance to avoid disappointment, and the further in advance you book the more you save.

    We recommend checking the Latest Travel Information page to see if there are any restrictions on buying tickets at check-in.

  • All LeShuttle standard tickets are not refundable but valid for one year from the date of booking, providing that it was not allowed to expire.

    You can amend your booking on-line any time before the reserved travel date subject to availability to an alternative date/time within the 12 month validity or by calling our Contact Centre .

    On-line amendments will require you to enter the individual password confirmed on your email confirmation. More than 24 hours beyond the original booked date, the ticket will expire and can no longer be amended or used for travel.

  • There are no VAT charges applied to your passenger booking.

  • LeShuttle no longer issues printed tickets before departure. On arrival at our check-in booths, please have your booking reference to hand and follow the instructions displayed on the check-in screens.

  • We do not have 'open' tickets, but long stay tickets are valid for one year from the date of your booking providing that they are not allowed to expire. If you make a booking with a return date but think that you may use the ticket at another time, you must keep the ticket in date by moving the travel details forward. If more than 24 hours passes beyond the current booked date the ticket will expire and can no longer be used for travel.

    Alternatively, for complete flexibility we recommend our Flexiplus service. Arrive early or late and still have the freedom to turn up and board when you choose. Make use of our exclusive lounge with free amenities (refreshment are available between 6am & 10pm local time).

  • Standard

    • A Standard ticket can be booked for any duration, as either a single or return journey.
    • it is not refundable.
    • It can be used with a Flexiplus return ticket, or Standard return ticket.


    When booking

    When booking it will be offered alongside a Standard Refundable option for you to choose between:



    After booking

    On your booking confirmation email, you can check the ticket type purchased:




    Standard Refundable

    • A Standard Refundable ticket can be booked for any duration, as either a single or return journey.
    • It is fully refundable.
    • It can only be used with a Standard Refundable return ticket, or as a single.


    When booking

    When booking it will be offered alongside a Standard option for you to choose between:



    After booking

    On your booking confirmation email, you can check the ticket type purchased:


  • Choose your direction and date of travel as usual from the fare finder.



    If your desired travel date (outbound or return) exceeds the current latest available travel date, you will see the following pop-up, giving you the option to either select different travel dates, or sign up to receive an email notification when your original desired travel date becomes available.



    If you click "Email me when available", you will be presented with the below form. Simply fill in your details and tick the box to agree to receive an email notification once your desired date is available.



    Once your desired travel date becomes available, you will receive an email notification. You can now proceed to make your booking. Click here to find out how far in advance you can book.

More ticket FAQs

  • Frequent traveller tickets will not be reintroduced by LeShuttle. Customers have a range of ticket types available to them, whatever kind of break they are planning - from Day Trip and Overnight tickets to Short Stay Savers for trips of 5 days or less, to Standard tickets for stays of any duration. Flexiplus is our most flexible ticket type, offering complete freedom to board at any time on your booked travel day, as well as other benefits.   

Your journey made easier

Download the LeShuttle app. With all your documents at your fingertips and journey alerts through your trip, you can travel faster and easier from Folkestone to Calais.

  • 20% off* Day Trip and Short Stay Saver tickets when you book here before 24th March. Travel on select dates until 30th June 2024 ​ *Terms & exclusion dates apply

    The price shown is based on one way of a journey and an average sized BMW 3 Series without accessories such as bikes or a roofbox on the top or rear of vehicle, trailer or caravan, 60% of cars travelling with us in 2023 were of similar dimensions to a BMW 3 Series.

    Our prices are indicative and based on a number of factors, including the ticket type, travel dates and time, length and height of your vehicle and accessories. Therefore, the price shown may not be applicable to your vehicle size or preferred date of travel and you may pay more or less dependent on these factors. For a more accurate quote for your journey please check our fare finder.

    • Day Trip & Overnight – From £60 per car one way based on a mandatory return day/overnight ticket. Must be purchased as part of a return journey within 2 days and completed by midnight local time on 30/06/24
    • Short Stay Saver - Ticket must be purchased as part of a 5 day return. Return must be completed by midnight (local time) on the fifth calendar day. Price excludes summer bookings.
    • Short Stay Flexiplus - Ticket must be purchased as part of a 5 day return. Return must be completed by midnight (local time) on the fifth calendar day.

    For safety reasons we are unable to board motorcycles first, so Flexiplus priority boarding excludes motorcycles.

    Flexiplus lounge facilities are open UK 06.00 to 22.00 and France 06.00 to 22.00 daily. Outside opening hours the Flexiplus lobby with complimentary Starbucks and toilet facilities will be available. (Excluding coach.)

    Flexiplus Peak Day Charges - Peak Day Charges are payable on busy days. A Flexiplus ticket offers you a fully flexible and refundable fare. However, if you do need to travel on a Peak Day, a Peak Day Charge will be applicable. Charge starts from £10 up to £250* per leg.

    All tickets are subject to availability. All fares quoted valid if booked in advance. Tickets purchased on the day of travel at Check-in will vary.

    Click here to view full ticket terms and conditions.